900 MW Power & Desalination Station

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

A project of Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Immediate Boss: Amer Al Ahmadi

My designation: Senior I&C Engineer

My responsibilities and accomplishments

  • Managed the ‘I&C Maintenance’ section.

  • Supervised maintenance of computerized control systems of the complex.

  • Designed the control logic for the Fuel Forwarding Station and interfaced it with Bailey Net90, the control system for the entire station. Updated the maintenance manuals and schematics.

  • Developed the 'work flow system' for the works control and information transfer between different sections.

  • Prepared “test procedures” for different systems to fulfill safety standards.

  • Performed technical evaluation of supplier’s quotations for spare parts and modification works.

  • Prepared technical materials and outlines for training programs.


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