Pickering 'A' Restart Project

4 x 500 MW Nuclear Power Station, Ontario, Canada

A project of Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Immediate Boss: Kent Russell

My designation: Electrical and I&C Design


The oldest working nuclear station in Ontario is in the city of Pickering. It has two stations, Pickering NGS 'A', and Pickering NGS 'B'.

Pickering Nuclear Station "A" that have four generating units of 500 MW each, was shutdown five or more years ago on safety grounds. It is now being Re-started following major modifications to the safety and non-safety related systems. One unit is back on grid and others are in progress.

My job is to develop the Design Modification Packages for several systems. Following is the list of systems that are assigned to me for modification.

  • Instrument air system

  • Moderator conductivity measurement

  • Air Dryer System for the nuclear reactor building

  • 4.16 kV breaker tripping scheme

  • Auxiliary feed water system

  • Standby gas turbine driven generators   

In addition of the engineering experience, this job requires a complete understanding of nuclear safety, nuclear regulatory matters and the Engineering Change and Control process of Ontario Power Generation.

I went through various kinds of trainings and courses to be able to deliver the required quality of work. The EC processes requires a lot of coordination work among different departments of the organization and therefore 'team work' and good team players are essential for the success of the project.


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