4x60 MW Combined Cycle Power & Desalination Plant

Mirfa, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A project of Ansaldo Energia

Immediate Boss: Claudio Lavanna

My designation: Senior I&C Engineer

My responsibilities and accomplishments

  • Managed the Field Engineering section of 4 engineers and 25 technical staff

  • Performed 'design analysis and costing' of the modifications requested by client, for the performance improvement of the power station. Worked on main steam line controls, electrical distribution schemes, boiler and turbine controls and distributed control systems using American and British standards and general safety codes

  • Modified the distributed control system (Bailey Infi90) as per site requirements and rectified the design to finalize engineering works. The job covered design, material selection, progress monitoring and documentation

  • Planned, organized and executed As-Built documentation works for the station. Supervised the drafting and design personnel to complete 33,000 drawings. Prepared the classification system and developed the archive for these drawings which resulted in savings of more than $4 million (U.S.) for the company

  • Analyzed office automation requirements for the performance improvement of engineering works. Wrote specifications for the computer hardware and supervised the installation of networking on Windows NT and 95

  • Organized and conducted training for the client’s technical staff and my team on maintenance of control system and computer hardware

  • Managed the Oracle database to control and monitor the cable laying, routing, specification and inventory. 


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