2x210 MW Thermal Power Station (Units 3 4 & 5)

Bin Qasim, Pakistan

Ansaldo Energia & Hitachi Marubeni

Immediate Boss: Lino Bologni

My designation: Field Engineer

My responsibilities and accomplishments

  • Supervised the Chinese subcontractor, 'China Water & Electric Co. (CWE)', for the installation of electrical and instrumentation system.

  • Prepared switching scheme to optimize the functionality of 220kv-grid station with four bus-bars. The scheme was used to design the Network Control System for extended grid of 220kv GIS. Worked with Hitachi and ABB engineers to complete the job.

  • Worked on extension project of the Functional Group Control System of ABB (Dekontic-K).

  • Was responsible for the preparation of As-Built drawings and execution of punch list.

  • Used Oracle based application package for the design and monitoring of cabling works.



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