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Royal Commission, Yanbu al Sinaya, Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu was established by King Khaled bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud through Royal Decree M/75, dated September 21, 1975 (16 Ramadan 1395 A.H.).  The Royal Commission was granted full responsibility for developing the two new cities and specifically providing the necessary community and industrial infrastructure.

In January 1991, the Council of Ministers underscored the continued importance of the Royal Commission by charging it with clear responsibility for the operation and maintenance of existing and future infrastructure at Jubail and Yanbu.

Yanbu is located on a particularly beautiful stretch of the Red Sea coast, bracketed between its renowned coral reefs and the rugged Hejaz Mountains. This city is the western terminus of the East-West Pipelines and, not surprisingly, the largest oil-shipping terminal on the Red Sea. Yanbu is also a prominent refining center and home to two world-class petrochemical complexes.

The water and power complex at Yanbu is responsible to serve nine Heavy Manufacturing Industries, twelve Secondary Industries, and many Light Manufacturing and Support Industries such as industrial chemicals, paints, fiberglass light-poles, steel fabrication, food products, plastic items, and other merchandise for domestic and regional markets. It also serves approximately 125,000 residence of the city.

For further details please visit the web site of Royal Commission Yanbu at or click on the logo on the previous page.


My Contribution

I worked for Royal Commission at the 900MW Water and Power Complex

The station had gas turbines, HRSG, steam turbines and desalination units 

Initially my job was to provide engineering support to the operation and maintenance and also to work on the future expansion projects

  • I studied and prepared the technical proposal for the Unified Control System for the station

Later I was transferred to the I&C Maintenance where I performed the following activities

  • Performed troubleshooting of the control systems for Fuel Forwarding Station

  • Did technical evaluation for the spare parts and other control elements

  • Managed the I&C staff's technical issues

  • Prepared incident reports and performed investigation on the failure or malfunctioning of control system

  • Studied the work flow process and provided several recommendations



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