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This was my first introduction to west. In May 1991, I was sent to Germany by Boheringer Mannheim for training on Analytical Instruments. This company was later bought by Roche Diagnostics Corporation.

Traveling through Frankfurt, I stayed at Ludswigs'hafen while my training center was in Mannheim city. I also had a chance to visit the city of Heidelberg and a few more small places.

City of Mannheim was completely destroyed during the second world war but now one can not find any sign of war or destruction. They have also constructed a beautiful Science Museum where one can see the history of development in Germany. 

City of Ludswigs'hafen, meaning the city of Ludswig, is also called BASF city because BASF own the major part of the city. BASF has its own transport system, own subway, own schools and colleges. In general the city facilities of this city is owned and operated by BASF. This is the best example of cooperate contribution towards the community. 

City of Heidelberg is an old city with all of its olden charm. The city management has kept all the building structures and old forts in the same shape. The beauty of this city lies in the fact that all new buildings are constructed using the same old architectural design. A coffee shop which looks to be two hundred years old from its outlook, could be a latest building constructed only an year ago. One will find all the modern facilities inside the building but its outlook remains similar to the olden city.

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