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The country I am living in.

I came to Canada in October 1999 and made Scarborough as my home.

I started my professional career as Oracle Instructor at Indus Systems in Scarborough. Mr. Rafi Mustafa, the president of Indus Systems, was kind enough to allow me contributing to other matters of the organization. I prepared the advertisements which were published in the local newspapers like Toronto Star and Employment News. I also did the Open House Sessions for Oracle Certification Program and also shared in establishing lab and class for the program.

Since my background is in Industrial Control Systems and Automation, I therefore, kept looking for a job in that area. I came across Ian Martin Limited, the manpower agency. They placed me at Ontario Power Generation that was known as Ontario Hydro at that time. I joined the Environmental Qualification project of OPG and was able to write a lot of Assessment Documents.

As of today I am still with OPG and contributing to restart the Station 'A'.


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